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Big Guy and Little Guy (Boarding June 10th to 13th 2018)

June 11th: they are doing great, Little guy was very busy trying to open the doors, I put a lot of stuff in front so he stopped. They ate hard food, my royal canin and yours. Big Guy barfed one of the those big perfect furballs ha-ha! They hate the cats next door.

June 10th: here they are in their little room, they can look at the horses outside, they can hide in the condos or chat with the 3 cats next door.

Big Guy and Little Guy (Boarding Nov. 21st to 25th 2017)

24-11: hilarous how many times Big Guy falls off those shelves, he never gets hurt. Little Guy doing great, loves the carrier.

22-11: They are both doing great, Big Guy found his favorite spot, Little Guy likes the carrier, I was able to pet him this morning, so I am happy to see he is doing great, they ate my dry food but not the wet food yet.

21-11: This room is full of high shelves, I am sure they will be both up there soon otherwise hiding somewhere in the condos.

Big Guy and Little Guy (Boarding August 14th to 24th 2017)

AUG. 22nd: Their vacation is coming to an end soon, I think they will miss their condo.

Aug. 20th: they are doing wonderful, just lying in their condos. Big Guy is so jealous when I give attention to Little Guy.

Aug. 17th: they are doing great, quiet kitties!

Aug. 15th 2017: Big Guy adjusted very quickly, Little Guy took a little longer but he is a "nervous nanny!!", they ate already and went to the litter.

Aug. 14th: here is their nice room, very busy sniffing around. At least, they did not run and hide.

Big Guy and Little Guy (Boarding March 21st to 31st 2017)

March 29th: they are just so lovable.

March 27th: what a nice picture of them, they look very surprised !!!

March 25th: I gave up on the wet food, whatever flavour I put, they don't eat maybe because I take it out after 1 hour because I don't want it to go bad. They are doing great besides that, they eat a lot of dry food and are very quiet kitties.

March 22nd: they were very quiet during the night, they ate and used the litter. Little Guy is much better this time around. They really both love their room.

March 21st: so far they are doing great, they are ready for their vacation.....

Big Guy and Little Guy (Boarding April 26th to May 3rd 2016)

May 1st: they are doing great, they have access to room beside if they want to climb and nap in the sun.

April 28th: they are finally eating, they are eating my Royal Canin and very little of their food. All is good with them.

April 27th: Big Guy is coming around, Little Guy is napping in the carrier, they used the litter box but have not eaten yet, I think they will eat tonight (let's hope!!!)

April 26th: they are so afraid that they are both in the condo.