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Cristal and Pepper (Boarding July 11th to 20th 2018)

July 18th: they are doing fabulous, both are so great.

July 15th: they are doing great, still in love with all the shelves, they are very happy here.

July 12th: they are doing so good, they love this room full of shelves, they ate and went to the litter, they adjusted much faster this time around. Pepper is always in the strawberry house.

Cristal and Pepper (Boarding June 24th to July 2nd 2017)

June 30th: they are doing wonderful as you can see.

June 28th: they are doing fantastic, they love it here. Very adorable cats.

June 26th: Cristal is always out and relaxed, Pepper is still just a little nervous but coming around, I never see them in front of the window.

June 25th: they hid since you guys left yesterday, they came out at night because they went to the litter and ate some food. They both ate soft food last night and this morning. They will only have some in the morning. Cristal is usually always behind the door, I can pet her and pick her up, a little nervous. Pepper a lot more nervous, can't touch him yet but he will come around.