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Dennis (Boarding May 19th to June 3rd 2018)

May 31st: he is doing great, the boarding this time, he is very different, he is eating a lot, no need to do any special mountain on the floor with his food and he is playing a lot more with the other cats through the door. He wants a lot more affection too.

May 28th: he is doing very good, he loves to play with the catnip mouse (toy), he is always running after it. So playful. Still eats very well, no diarrhea and no vomiting.

May 26th: all is very good with him, he eats 1/3 can of wet food a day plus a little hard food, no vomiting, no diarrhea, he enjoys napping on the top shelf or looking at the cats in the other room.

May 23rd: he is doing great, he has 2 rooms to himself, I am surprised, he went right up on the shelf, he is a picture and a video.

May 20th: he is doing great, he hasn't touched the wet food yet, likes the orijen dry, he is the sweetest thing, no hissing at all since he got here, seems to be interested in the cats next door.

Dennis (Boarding May 1st to May 31st 2017)

May 26th: here is a nice picture of him napping in his bed.

May 23rd: he loves this room, he is surrounded by cats and that really keeps him busy. He is lovable, still a little vocal.

May 19th: he loves to go into the cage so he can paw at the cats in the living room, here he is flipping on his back, so cute.

May 16th: I just switched him of rooms, he is just to vocal upstairs and always was trying to get out of his room. He really likes the hallway, he is surrounded by other cats so he is not lonely. He often is in the condo.

May 12th: He is doing great, he started to be a little vocal around 3-4am in the morning, I guess he is a little bored but besides that he eats in his plate yeah !!!!

May 9th: he is still doing great, he is finally eating from his plate, so no more mountains on the floor. He likes to hiss and spit at the cat next door.

May 5th: he is doing good, we have that mountain of food going on, if I don't sit beside him and do the mountain of food, he will not eat at all, so I do this every 2-3 hours. He is so funny !!!

May 2nd: he is doing great, so quiet, always napping in the little house but his face is always sticking out so he can see what is going on.

Dennis (Boarding June 9th to 18th 2016)

June 17th: here is a nice picture of him taken thru the door.

June 15th: he is doing great upstairs with me, he is quiet. Loves being on the condo and looking outside.

June 13th: He is in a different room since this morning, he is upstairs with me. So far, he is doing very good, he is very lovable. Yes, I still have to do little mountains of food otherwise he will not eat.

June 10th: he is always on the top shelf!!!! He has not eaten yet so I am starting those little mountains of food for him. Besides that, he already used the litter box and is very nice with me.

Dennis (Boarding May 3rd to June 5th 2015)

June 2nd: still doing wonderful, he is so sweet.

May 29th: he is doing great, he loves eating but again only if I make a mountain with his food on the floor, so weird!!

May 26th: he loves hissing and fighting through the holes of the door with the other cats in the other room, it keeps him busy.

May 22nd: it is very hard to take a video or picture of him, he is always moving and rubbing himself on me, it is love !!! he is doing great.

May 19th: he is top shape, he is very busy chatting with the cats in the other rooms. Here is a picture of him eating his little mountain of food on the floor.

May 15th: he is doing great, loves to be on the shelf, he started to eat when I am not there, as long as I make little mountain with his food on the floor.

May 12th: he refuses to eat his food in any kind of bowl. The only time he eats is when I sit beside him and take a teaspoon of food and make a little mountain of his food on the floor. I do this many times in a day. He does drink without my presence. Same with his soft food, he only eats it if I am there beside him. As soon as I leave he no longer eats. He is not stressed, he is now very relaxed.

May 9th: he is doing better, still very nervous when he hears any kind of noise, his appetite is a little better. I think it will take him 1-2 weeks more before he really adjusts. He likes to go see the other cats in the other rooms thru the doors.

May 7th: He is very lovable, he runs to me when he sees me and rubs and rubs. He really does not have an appetite, he goes to the litter.

May 5th: I am happy that he used the litter during the night, he actually finally came out, He seems to have not eaten yet. So that is the next step for him. He is always rubbing himself on me.

May 4th: as soon as you left, he went to hide under the chair, every 2 hours I go see him to say hi but he is hissing and spitting for now. He will come around.