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Under no circumstance, you can reserve a specific room, even if you reserve ahead of time. We cannot tell you in what room your cat will be until the day of the boarding. When your cat arrives, he will be boarded in a room that is available. Time will be needed for your cat to adjust to the new smells, sounds and see the other cats in the other rooms. It can take a couple of days to a full week for your cat to feel safe and secure. Your cat will not be the same cat here as he is at your home.

At the beginning, most cats will hiss, spit, hide and try to attack. Once that stage is over, your cat can be transferred to a another room only when:
1) he trusts me (no more hissing, not in attack mode or spitting, the cat eats and uses the litter box) AND
2) I trust your cat AND
3) only when a room is available because cats left

If your cat shows signs of aggression, extreme nervousness or seems to really love the room, he will not be transferred in another room.

Here are 4 of our boarding rooms.

The Romantik
The Bachelor
The Oasis
The Charmeur

Our doors have holes so cats can look at each other and don't feel closed in.

The Romantik
This room has a window, condos, toys, beds, hiding places and lots of scratchers.

Hiding places available for your cat especially the first 24-36 hours where usually the cats are very nervous and scared.

The Bachelor
A room that is surrounded by other rooms, perfect room for 1 or 2 social cats.

The Oasis
A room full of fun shelves, pillows and a great desk to hide in. Cats love this room.

The Charmeur
This room is especially great for nervous or older cats. This room is made up of 3 different little rooms so your cat can choose his favorite area.

Part #1 of room: this section has fun shelves, condos, carpet and is very bright. The hole in the wall will bring your cat to part #2 of this room.

Part #2: This area is darker so cats can hide and have some quiet time, this room has another hole in the wall to bring you to an outside cage that gives into the living room VIP.

Part #3: this outside cage of 5 feet goes into the vip living room so your cat can be with other cats but protected by the cage, this cage has sun that hits right on it a few hours a day. In this cage, your cat sees all the cats in the VIP and in the Romantik room.