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Jack (Boarding 2-18 june 2018)

June 16th: almost time for him to go back home, I will miss him so much !!! he has new friends in the other room so he is very busy checking them out.

June 13th: truly an adorable and sweetest cat ever, he loves to eat (especially treats and wet food) beside that he is quiet and loves his room.

June 11th: He was sound asleep and snoring a little. he is doing great. So sweet and adorable.

June 8th: he is doing so great, he changed rooms and just loving it, he loves to go on the top shelf at the sun or chat with all the other cats in the other rooms. He gets his wet food 2x a day plus treats at night, he is just in paradise here.

June 5th: (I am so sorry, I updated his page yesterday but did not transfer it to the internet.) He is doing great, lovable, friendly and no trouble at all.

3 june: he is actually doing very good for a cat that just got here. He ate plenty and went to the litter, he loves to check out what is going on in the living room.

After he came down from the shelf, he became very affectionate.

2 june: he meowed all the way, now he is in exploration mode, I like this room to start in so he can go up high on the shelves or talk to my cats in the living room.