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Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding Jan. 6th to Feb. 17th 2019)

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18-01: doing super !!! they have not gotten into any major fights yet. They are very quiet.

15-01: after the morning feeding, they are nice and quiet. Pema has not got into Jerry's food at all.

12-1: they are doing just great !!!!

9-1: everything is back to normal, they are wonderful, Pema does have her moments where I think she is in attack mode so I stay away but then give her some loving when she comes and sees me. Neko very sweet when she is out of that condo. Jerry still very happy in his world.

7-1: Pema is less hissing than yesterday. Neko does not want to eat in her machine, I can't really touch her to put her in front because she is in the hissing phase so I will keep trying, I just gave her the food in the plate and put that plate in the machine when she walks away from her food. While the girls are eating, I give a little treat to Jerry and keep him in the carrier, he finds it very amusing.

6-01: here is a video I just took at them this afternoon, they are much calmer than this morning, Neko found her spot !!!

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding May 14th to June 30th 2018)

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July 3rd: the gang is going great, new cat in the next room, they are very interested in chatting with him.

June 29th: they are very happy to stay another week!

June 26th: they are in heaven here !!!

June 22nd: I gave them access to the hallway so they can chat with my cats, I think they get lonely when they have no other cats to chat with here.

June 19th: they are in the big room now, it works out really well for the feeding time, I put Neko all the way up on the top shelf and she gets to eat her food in peace (until Pema realizes what is going on up there!!!), all are great.

June 15th: the after the breakfast crowd!

June 12th: they are doing wonderful, just lovable, they play a lot together, Jerry plays a little rough with the girls.

June 8th: still all doing so great, I have to take out that ball during the night, they decided that during the night it is a great time to play with that ball that makes so much noise ha-ha!!!

June 5th: here they are before food time. They are so quiet during the night but during they play a lot with each other, I hear them often chasing each other up and down the condos.

June 1st: all is great, Jerry really wants to get out of the room, I will change him rooms for a couple of hours in the day so he gets to see new and exciting things. The girls are great!!!

May 29th: they look very guilty! ha-ha!

May 25th: they are doing wonderful, Jerry seems to want to get out of the room, the girls have no interest in leaving their beautiful condo.

May 22nd: the happy trio is just very happy, all is great with them.

May 18th: everything is back to normal, Neko licks her plate clean. I am happy that Jerry does not bully her. Everything is perfect!!! ...and Pema stopped hissing.

May 15th: During the night, Miss Pema managed to open Jerry's machine and ate the whole thing. I placed it differently now so she shouldn't be able to get in. Neko has her little condo, she is more nervous than usual, I guess the change at home affected her too. Jerry is very happy in his world. So far Neko hasn't eating last night, neither this morning.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding Dec. 21st to Jan. 29th 2018)

Jan. 29th: this is the last video before they leave, time passed so fast, They are wonderful cats!

Jan. 25th: I see Pema gets some free snacks !!! the rest are doing great, acting like they are starving!

Jan. 22nd: doing great !!!

Jan. 18th: here are the trio, each in their own spot, they just ate so they are nice and calm.

Jan. 15th: here are 2 videos, the little family is doing very good, here is Pema playing with Pema.

Jan. 10th: they are top shape, Pema tries to get in Jerry's food but the machine is locked. I give her 1.8 oz 2x a day of raw meat, it seems to calm her down because at 1.5oz, that was not enough. Neko eats 1.5oz and her plate is clean. And Jerry is in Jerry's world. I would just love to step into Jerry's world for a day.

Jan. 8th 2018: Pema loves to fight with my cat Candy thru the door (Candy multi-colored cat!!), Candy is very chatty just like Pema. The rest of the gang is doing great.

Jan. 5th: vacation time is almost over for them, they really like it here. The weather is so bad outside, nice and warm inside.

Jan. 3rd: Still doing great ! Pema is very chatty, it is so cute. She always thinks it is dinner time. They are getting along great, I don't hear they pick on Neko anymore.

Jan. 1st: Happy New Year to all !!! They are doing great, they are very quiet, the ladies just ate.

Dec. 30th: Jerry's Diner.

Dec. 27th: They are doing great, all is very good with the trio.

Dec. 25th: Merry x-mas to all, everything is great with them, Neko really eats a lot here, she licks the plate clean. Jerry loves Jerry !!! Pema is always sticking to me now.

Dec. 22nd: they are doing great, Neko loves her own personal area, she ate about 1/3 of can this morning. Jerry just wants to get out of the room, he might end up with my cats, he screamed very loudly this night, either he just wants to get out or because he didn't have his wet food last night. (I will go buy a couple of cans today). Pema had no problem eating this morning.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding Nov. 30th to Dec. 6th 2017)

Dec. 3rd: I am very surprised, Neko eats all of her food, she licks the plate clean, I have never seen her do that, I think it is because she is in a room alone. Pema and Jerry are doing great, it is true their dynamic has changed; they look less linked to one another, more independent. So far, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no Pema barfarama incident :-) Jerry does pick on Neko and she screams so I go in and push Jerry away.

Dec. 1st: they are doing great, I think Jerry really loves his machine, he goes so often just for one bite just because he can. The girls ate last night and this morning, I am very surprised, Neko is in the other room during feeding time and I see that she eats. They made no noise during the night. Jerry just wants to get out of the room.

Nov. 30th: just got here, the usual freaking out, hissing and spitting.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding June 5th to August 19th 2017)

Aug. 15th: all is good with them, they don't look like cats who want to go home!

Aug. 11th; they are doing great, Jerry always wants to get out of the room, the girls have no interest at all to get out.

Aug. 8th: The famous trio is doing great, all is good.

August 4th: they love the new game, by the time I posted this video they were all 3 of them around it and chasing the thing. I will not leave the game there when I am not downstairs, they just might destroy it. Besides that, they are doing great.

August 1st: the whole family is doing great.

July 28th: Jerry really likes the cat next door, Neko really loves her pillow and Pema only thinks of food.

July 25th 2017: the trio is just doing great. They are all lovable.

July 21st: they are doing great, getting along with one another.

July 18th: they are all getting along great, there is a new cat in the next room, Pema is always checking him out, I think she likes him. Neko taking a breath of fresh air, and Jerry, I am trying not to trip on him, he is always between my 2 feet.

July 14th: Their boyfriend in the next room left yesterday, I think they are sad. I don't have to run after Neko anymore when it is feeding time, she has her own spot that she runs to and eats as soon as I put the food down. They are all doing wonderful.

July 11th: Pema seems to have a boyfriend in the next room, they play a lot through the door (Jerry plays with him too), I stopped putting her in the cage to eat, she runs in, takes the whole raw meat in her mouth and runs out before I get a chance to close the door, so no more cage for her. Neko is doing great, she spends a lot of time in front of the window.

July 7th: all is great, they are all eating, Pema gets a little upset when I lock her the cage to eat but that doesn't stop her from eating, at least Neko has a chance to eat her plate. Neko really hates Jerry, he doesn't even look at her and she is hissing and spitting at him. Jerry, well Jerry loves Jerry.

July 6th: they are doing very good. There was a cat fight during the night I ran downstairs and there was grey fur all over the room, I guess Jerry lost the battle (he is doing great!!!), Neko already relaxed. Getting Pema to trust the big cage so I can lock her in for 10 minutes during feeding time.

Pema & Neko (Boarding May 31st to June 6th 2017)

June 4th: they are doing great, Pema has that puffed up tail going on everytime she sees me. Neko keeps falling off the condo because she flips and flops.

June 2nd: they are doing great, very friendly now. I am not sure if Neko eats all of her food, if I stay there and look at her, she will not eat, I need to walk away otherwise she will not eat, then I come back and the plate is licked clean, I think Pema passed by.

June 1st: they are doing better than the other times, Pema still hissing but at least she is not attacking with her paws. Neko nervous but a little less. Pema ate but not Neko, she usually skips a meal so I guess tonight, she will eat.

Pema & Neko & Jerry (Boarding October 6th-13th 2016)

11-09: they are all in the same room together, cool and calm. Jerry has his plate of food up on the shelf, he eats when he wants, Pema does not go there so I am really happy. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no hissing and no spitting.

9-10: they are doing so much better, Jerry has his own room, he goes there a few times a day to eat and get away from the girls, the girls are doing very good. Neko is nice and relaxed.

7-10: They are doing great, they are all out, Jerry just wants to get out of the room, the room right beside will be available this afternoon, I will put him there a few hours, he now eats on the shelf. Pema is at that stage, Neko a little stressed out. They had the can this morning, don't know if Neko ate.

Pema & Neko & Jerry (Boarding June 25th to August 4th 2015)

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July 31st: Sad because they are leaving soon. Such sweet hearts!!!

July 28th: they are all having fun together in the living room, eating, napping and playing.

July 24th: they are all doing great, getting along, teasing the other cats in the other rooms. Pema and Jerry love to go in the tunnel.

July 21st: everybody here is top shape. Pema loves to go around and bug the other cats in the other rooms. Neko is always on the couch with us. Jerry is just looking to play and have fun!!!
Jerry playing

The famous Trio

July 17th: they are all doing great, eating, playing and having fun.

July 14th, they are loving the living room. Neko is up on the shelf.

Pema too is up on a high shelf, Jerry prefers the nice couch.

July 10th: everything this morning is back to normal so far, they will move officially to the living room within the next 24 hours.

July 7th: The famous trio are doing great.

July 3rd: they are top shape, as of July 7th they will have the whole living room for themselves.

June 30th: they are one big happy family.

Cute as a button!!

June 28th: now everybody is much better, no more hissing. They are all very lovable. They have lots of room to play, fight and look outside.

June 26: everybody is doing great, they are all hissing at each other and themselves for now. I can't wait to play with them and pet them.

Pema & Neko & Jerry (Boarding April 1st to April 7th 2015)

April 6th: A video of Pema and Neko love running after the laser, especially Neko, Pema is more "snoby", Jerry is having fun in his room, the girls are more calm without him, he is going back with them today because I need the room. They are all doing great.

April 4th: They are still fighting and hissing a little, a room will be available later today, I will transfer Jerry there because I find that they are fighting a little too much, besides that they eat, sleep and use the litter, they are doing well. I bought Jerry a can of Royal Canin because he seems that he was looking for it in the evening.

April 2nd: As usual, there is constant hissing and spitting, I might have a room of free this weekend, I will put Jerry there because I need to get close to the girls otherwise tuesday I will not be able to put them in their carriers.

Pema & Neko (Boarding Feb 28 to march 10th 2015)

March 8th: they are doing great, everytime Pema sees me from a far, she talks to me, sometimes, I am at the other end of the house and I call her name and she starts chatting, so cute!!! Neko so lovable too. They are so cute on this video

March 6th: Lovable as always both of them, they are different when Jerry is not around, they are less nervous and more lovable.

March 4th: they are doing great, I can pick them up, they are so lovable now. No more hissing and spitting.

March 1st: They are doing better, more confortable, I thought they would spend a lot of time looking outside but they are not really interested. They ate all their food and going plenty to the litter. After today, I will be putting up only pictures because being out of town, it happens often that you may not be able to view videos. Look at that face, how cute (Pema).

Feb 28th: they are doing well, they are at that hissing and spitting stage. Don't worry, there water fountain is already there.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding september 9th to 16th 2014)

Everybody is having fun!!! I give them little treats in their carrier because it will make it so much easier when it is time to go back home.

I put back Jerry thursday morning with the girls because Pema is back to herself finally. They are all getting along and having fun.

I separated Jerry, he is with me upstairs but in no contact with other cats. I will wait a little before putting with the girls, Pema is way to aggressive and in attack mode, I am too afraid to leave him in there, she constantly hisses and spits in his direction. Besides that Neko and Pema get along great.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding june 10th to july 4th 2014)

They are doing great, I like to do my yoga in the living room, all 3 cats always do yoga with me on my mat.

Our model: Neko

Another model: Pema

Pema just woke up and is trying to crawl out of ther basket.

Neko is so cute here.

He has the couch for himself, sleeping like a baby.

Pema is enjoying the beautiful sun.

Jerry is taking a break because he was running around after Pema.

Neko always goes on my husband.

They are all in the living until the end of their stay. They love it there, lots of room to run and play.

Jerry loves to come in between us on the couch and take a nap.

Here is Jerry flipping around on his back, he is such a good boy. (Next pictures: friday)

Beautiful Pema, she is doing great. She has really a huge appetite.

Beautiful little Neko. So sweet. So far, no diarrhea and no vomiting but she gets to eat calmy in her cage, if she was not in her cage during feeding time, Pema would eat her plate too.

They are all having a great time here. They are enjoying their vacation. Next pictures: tuesday

Neko goes on her own inside the cage when it is feeding time. I leave her 10 minutes and she is all done.

He is curious by nature.

They are doing great, no one vomited or had diarrhea, they run around and play together. Next pictures: friday

I put Jerry in another room to eat, he likes to take a nap on the shelves, when he wakes up, I put him back with the girls.

They are in their new room, plenty of space to run and hide. Here is Pema beside her cage where she eats, I put in the cage with her food and in 15 minutes, she ate all her whole plate of food. (next pictures on tuesday)

They take turns to look outside at the other cats, the window is looked at 2 inches open.

Jerry loves this pillow, he is doing great, so sweet.

Still in her favorite basket.

They are all doing very well. They will soon be moved to a bigger room.