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Oulipo (Boarding Dec. 16 to 28th 2017)

26-12: Happy Holidays to all, Oulipo is having a great vacation.

23-12: He is doing very good with his best friend !!!

20-12: he is doing great, running all around the rooms.

18-12: he has a new best friend, Taliesen beautiful nice black cat, Oulipo just loves the big room so I let him run free in there but only when I am home, there is absolutely no danger of them sharing 2 rooms, they are very social cats, even Oulipo, very nervous but social.

16-12: he is doing great, he knows where he is already. He will be all settled very soon.

Oulipo (Boarding 18-30 August 2017)

27-8: he is doing great, he has 2 rooms for himself, he is always in the strawberry.

24-08: he is doing so great!!! so lovable with me, I can pick him up and pet him all I want.

21-08: he is top shape, here is a video and a nice picture of him.

19-8: he is doing so well, he adapted very quickly, he remembered me. He is not stressed at all. He ate plenty and went to the litter. He did that famous back leg stretch.

18-8: we just got here, he came out and went back to hide a few times, I hope he goes and lie on the top shelf where he can take some sun.

Oulipo (Boarding 26-4 to 26-5 2017)

May 26th: his last 30 minutes with us, he is leaving soon, miss you!!!

May 23rd: he is leaving soon, I will miss him so much, he is just so adorable. He will be changing rooms again later today, I am sure he will just love the new room, he adapts very well.

May 19th: he is really enjoying his stay, he is on vacation.

16-5: I switched him rooms this weekend, I think he loves this room too. He is so cute. So far, no vomit and no diarrhea. He has a good appetite.

12-5: he is doing great, he will be switching rooms over the weekend.

9-5: he is doing super. Just lovable.

5-5: he is doing great, here is my Cleo, looks and acts just like Oulipo, they look like brothers. They are often looking at each through the holes of the doors.

2-5: he is eating the wet food now, I gave him some every morning and he eats 2 kinds of dry food, very nice to see he is eating. He just loves those shelves and the carrier.

29-4: he is doing great, he eats, goes to the litter. I love when he stretches his back leg, so cute !!! Sometimes he wants to be friends and sometimes, he is just so afraid of me.

27-4: he is doing very good so far, he went to the litter and he ate. He is very vocal !!! He freaks out when he sees my cats through the door. I can pet him already and he rolls on his back. So cute!!!!:

26-4: he was so quiet in the car, not one sound, he was hiding under his blanket. This is his room for now, he is still in the carrier, when he is ready, he will come out.
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