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Pumba & Ligeirinho (Nov. 28th to Dec. 11th 2017)

Dec. 7th: they are doing great, Pumba loves his shelf and Li loves his condo. Sometime they play rough with each other, mostly Li plays rough.

Dec. 4th: they just love this room, Li has not screamed at all, he is very quiet and lovable so is Pumba, they still fight with the cats next door but that is great, it keeps them busy.

Dec. 1st: they are doing great, besides sleeping and eating, they spend most of their days fighting with the cats next door, so funny!

Nov. 29th: they are doing very well, both of them are hissing and spitting especially at the cats in the other room, Li is constantly fighting thru the door with one of the cats in the other room, Pumba ate the wet food this morning. They already both ate the hard food and went to the litter.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (Sept. 2017)

Oct. 6th: I have 2 videos for you today, the first one, I put them in the big room and they actually hate it, especially Pumba screaming and trying to go back in the hallway, Li likes the window but still wanted to go back in the hallway.

Here they are nice and calm back in the hallway.

Oct. 3rd: they are doing great, Li has not been screaming at all. Pumba screams when it is time for the wet food, he gets wet food 2x a day, only a small portion, I actually use mine instead of yours since he only eats very little. So far no diarrhea, no vomit.

30-09: look at the nice pictures of them, so adorable !!!

27-09: they have access to the hallway, lots of room to run and fight. They are doing very good. Here is a video and a nice picture of them sleeping.

25-09: they are both hissing and spitting but nothing serious !!! Pumba had some wet food, Li not interested at all, they both ate and went to the litter.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (Sept. 2016)

3-10: see you tomorrow night, they are running around doing great !!

30-09: they are having fun, they play a lot.

28-09: they are top shape, they are just so cute !!

25-09: they have both rooms next door, they just love it, they are doing very good !!!

22-09: They are doing fantastic, they are such sweety pies !!!

20-09: Pumba was out when you left. During the night, I went to see them and there were both sound asleep one in each carrier, so cute. Li is at the same place.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (August 2016)

2-09: there are no words to describe these beautiful pictures of them.

30-08: they just changed rooms, they love it there too.

August 28th: both are doing very good, no diarrhea, no vomiting and are very quiet.

August 24th: Pumba is still a little nervous, Li always flips and flops, they are doing great. Li hasn't started to scream yet.

August 21st: they are still a little bit hiding, hissing and spitting. They already ate their food, Puma ate the wet food but Li, not yet.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (March 23 to April 10th 2016)

April 8th: all is very good with them.

April 5th: they are doing great, so cute when they sleep side by side.

April 1st: they moved to the bigger room, I am so surprised, Li has not started to scream yet. They are both adorable and playful.

March 29th: They are back to themselves, lovable as usual. I was vaccuming the room next door for them, they got so scared of the vaccum, they climbed on the shelf, what a nice picture.

March 26th: they are doing so much better, no hissing, they eat and having fun. Li hasn't started to scream yet. Tomorrow they will have an extra room.

March 24th: they are both hissing and spitting, not time to get close to them. I think in a day or two, they will be back to normal and Li will start screaming again.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (Dec 8th to 13th 2015)

Dec 12th: so cute !!!

Dec. 11th: they are doing wonderful, Li needs a lot of attention. Pumba, he is more reserved.

Dec. 10th: they are doing much better, Pumba is coming around but still hisses, he longer is hiding, Li is always flipping on his back, so cute. They are finally eating.

Dec. 9th: they are both out, no hidding anymore, they used the litter, they are in their hissing phase. They have not eaten yet.

Pumba & Ligeirinho (Nov. 12 to 23rd 2014)

Li is sleeping on me.

What a stretch!!

He put his paws on my shoulder.

He is looking at the snow.

They are doing absolutely fabulous!!! They love their room, chatting with the other cats through the door, they are so lovable, they just want to be picked up.

He is so cute, he loves when I pick him up. He follows all over the room.

How sweet, Pumba is with my husband. They are often both of them up near the window.

Li (short for Ligeirinho) loves the window and always is going around the room. Pumba is always out of his hidding place but when I enter the room, he goes and hide under the chair. So I am just glad that he is out. They ate and used the litter box. They have not touched their soft food last night, I put some again this morning.

Hides under the chair when I enter the room.