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Simba (Boarding March 10th 18th 2018)

March 15th: doing great, he is taking a break now from running in the living room. I have to keep an eye on him, he plays a little rough with my cats.

March 13th: he is mostly in the living room since yesterday, he was trying to break down the door ha-ha!! he is going great, he needs to stay away from catnip, that is what makes him a little crazy.

March 11th: he is doing great, very quiet so far but ate so much since he is here. So adorable.

Simba (Boarding Jan. 21 to 29th 2017)

27-01: he is doing great, he goes absolutely crazy when I take out the wet food Friskies.

24-01: he is in the living room now, when I leave or during the night, I put him back in his room. He is very happy in the living room, he seems to not be aware of the existence of the other cats

22-01: he already ate all his food and went to the litter. Very curious at what is going on in the living room.

Simba (Boarding July 16th to 23rd 2016)

July 21st: he is doing so great, he plays a lot with Tilou, they are having so much fun together, I put them together a few hours a day. The door that connects their room together is open and when he gets tired, he goes back in his room.

July 19th: he is so lovable, he is in the living room a couple of hours a day, he does not want to stay in his room. He loves all the cats in the living room, especially Patou the fat orange one.

July 17th: He is doing very good, ate, went to the litter. He will change room in the next 24 hours, he might come upstairs with me for a few hours a day because he needs a lot of affection.