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Strummer (Jan. 10th to 15th 2019)

13-01: he is a very good boy, loves his room, as you can see, he is very comfy on the condo.

11-01:he is doing great, loves to hiss at my cats in the living room, he is very comfy so far.

10-01: for a cat that just got here, he is very curious, as I left the room, he was already in the pink house. No surprises in the carrier.

Strummer (July 6th to 24th 2018)

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July 20th: he moved to the VIP room, he is doing great, he has 2 old ladies in the next room (I mean cats!!!), he is very adorable.

July 17th: doing very good, a couple of new cats came in the other rooms, he is very curious but at the same time, he hisses and spits at them. He is so cute, he tries to be a tough guy.

July 13th: I opened the room next door, I want to see which room he prefers before a new cat comes in on Sunday, he seems to like his room, I guess he loves the shelf. He eats a lot, as for the Friskies, it depends, sometimes he does, and sometimes he does not.

July 10th: doing very good, having fun with the other cats.

July 8th: he is doing great, chatting with all the cats in the other rooms (well, mostly hissing at them but that keeps him very interested). He did eat a little bit of his soft food but only hours that it has been sitting there.

July 6th: he was a good boy on the way here, no pooping, no vomiting and no pipi in the carrier, now he is in that hissing phase.

Strummer (May 17th to 22nd 2018)

May 20th: he is doing great, he is out of food, he eats more hard food because he does not touch the soft food at all. I had some dental from Hill's and he just loves it. Besides that, he is nice and quiet and is very busy looking at what is happening around him.

May 18th: he is doing much better today, less hissing, he has his carrier nice and clean, he likes to nap inside, he meows to have the wet food (because he sees me serving it to others) and when I give it to him, he does not eat it.

May 17th: poor Strummer, he vomited so much in the car and urinated, I was able to stop and clean the vomit out. Next time, no food for at least 3 hours before the road. I am happy to see him on the top shelf, he remembers!

Strummer (Jan. 11 to 16th 2018)

Jan. 14th: he is doing much better, stopped hissing at me but loves to hiss and spit at all the other cats in the rooms. He eats a lot of hard food but hasn't touched any wet food at all.

Jan. 12th: I find it wonderful that he is on the shelf, he will be at the sun whenever it comes out. He already ate his hard food but not the wet food yet. He went to the litter. He is doing better than yesterday but still in that hissing phase. He is very scary LOL

11-01: he is hissing and spitting same attitude as when he got here last July but it might take less time before he gets settled in.

Strummer (July 7th to 24th 2017 cat boarding)

July 20th: he is doing great, he started to eat the wet food, I noticed that he prefers Friskies as opposed to Science Diet. (all cats love Friskies!!!). He is a very lovable cat.

July 17th: he is in the VIP room, so far so good, he is vocal a little in the morning but that is okay with me. I put him a litterbox a little higher, that is better. Now I can pick him up, hold him, flip him as I wish.

July 13th: he is doing good, eating a lot, he is hissing less and less, he is out of the carrier very often, just happens now that he is in there.

July 10th: he is doing better, still hisses but so much less, he has never touched any wet food, now I put some 2x a day but just 1 scoop because I know it will probably go to waste, he only eats hard food Dental big balls and ROyal canin gastro, he has no diarrhea and no vomiting. He is slowly coming around.

July 8th: he went to the litter already, I am very surprised !! he pooped (no diarrhea) and did pipi. He did not eat his wet food last night, I threw it away this morning and put some fresh one but he hasn't touch it yet (we are having at this moment some thunderstorm so all the cats are scared). He is still in attack mode, this is not a behavior I see very often, hissing yes but attack mode, very rarely. He ate and went to the litter, so far so good!

July 7th: In the car, he was so quiet. In the room, he is really hissing and spitting and going into attack mode. At this moment, I cannot get close to him.