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Taliesen (Heb. Nov. 30th to Jan. 12th 2018)

Jan. 10th: time for Taliesen to start saying goodbye to his friends. See you Friday.

Jan. 8th: he has been very vocal the past few days, I think it is because some new cats came in the boarding, those new cats are in their rooms not mixed with him but I guess he has a reaction to them.

Jan. 5th: One more week to go, he really made a lot of special friends here.

Jan. 3rd: he is doing great! He now spends a lot of time lying down on the big scratcher.

Jan. 1st: Happy New Year to all ! He is doing great!

Dec. 29th: here is a video of him not being a couch potato ha-ha!! when cats are living in a community with other cats, they become very independant, he is not interested in being picked up and cuddling beside me.

Dec. 27th: here is the beautiful Taliesen!

Dec. 25th: everything is great with him, he is now part of our family.

Dec. 22nd: he spends most of his days in the living room, he lets me know when he wants to go back in his room because his food is there, I cannot put Whiskas in the living room, all of my cats will empty out the plate in no time and have diarrhea. He interacts mostly with Oulipo. He barely screamed since Wednesday. Just a lovable cat!

Dec. 20th: still doing great, going around where he wants. So lovable and independant at the same time. He interacts a lot with Oulipo.

Dec. 18th: he is a lucky cat, he goes where he wants, he let's me know, he is doing great, still screams but less. All is great.

Dec. 15th: for some reason, he quiet down after I emailed you. As you can see on the video, he lets me know when he wants to go back in his room. We will increase the play time for him but when I play with the laser, he has so much respect for my cats that he lets my cats chase the laser and he watches. He is a very respectful cat towards other cats.

Dec. 14th: an adorable moment.

Dec. 12th: so happy that I was able to switch him of room, bigger room with a window but far away from other cats, he might get lonely here but he will be in this room during the night for sure so if he screams, i don't hear him. Today he will probably go in the living room for 10 minutes at a time under my supervision. Keep you posted....

Dec. 8th: all is good with him, he has become extremely vocal during the night, he starts screaming at around 2am, he won't stop until I get up and go see him. Besides that, he eats the Whiskas with a little Boreal mixed in. He is very lovable with me.

Dec. 5th: he is doing so much better, better everyday. I can pick him up and put him on my lap and he purrs and is very happy !!! I mixed in some Boreal with the Whiskas but I noticed that he hasn't eaten as much, I will only give him some Whiskas which he is doing great on it. I will try the wet food every few days, so far, no success. I can tell now that he is liking his room better.

He is a picture of him chatting with my cats in the living.

Dec. 3rd: he is doing better, adapting very slowly. He has not touched his food at all, no Boreal, no wet food chunks, pate, sliced, minced etc... I gave him all kinds of flavors and not even a lick!!! I put down around 5 dry foods and finally he likes the Whiskas, not the best choice but better than not eating at all. I will mix some Boreal in with the Whiskas. No diarrhea, no vomiting. Playful, we play with balls and lasers, so he likes that. He started to be very vocal. All the rooms are occupied but within the next week, he will change room just to see if his more comfortable. At this moment, I have no trust in him to go in the living room with my cats.

Dec. 1st: he is less stressed this morning, he went to the litter, a lot of things in the room were moved so he went around, he did not run away because normally when I entered the room, he would hide behind the basket, the only thing missing is for him to eat.