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Tic Tac, Nugget and Spark (Nov. 7th to 23rd 2018)

20-11: they are upstairs, easy to move around but they have a lot of stuff to move around. All 3 are adorable.

17-11: they changed rooms a few days ago, they love this room too, they love it anywhere. Ha-ha! they are very easy going.

14-11: all is wonderful with them, Spark eats all the wet food, Tictac and Nugget are not interested in any kind of wet food I give them, even the tuna they don't eat.

11-11: they are doing so great, they play together sometimes but most of the time they are very quiet.

8-11: they are really doing great, they love the room. So far, Spark eat cooked minced beef, tuna and whitefish wet food, he likes everything. The other two need more time, I will try different flavors with them but always giving a bit of tuna. They do not make any noise at all. I saw Nugget biting Spark's neck, bad boy !!
Here is Spark eating beef.

Tic Tac, Nugget and Spark (May 10th to 25th 2018)

May 23rd: all is great with them, I will bring them back home on Friday morning, cheers !!!

May 21st: they are in the big room since yesterday, they love any room I put them. Spark loves running around as you can see. Tictac always wants to be on my lap, she puts her 2 paws on my shoulders and gives me kisses. Nugget comes to me only when he feels like it. I will be able without a doubt to bring them back on Friday morning.

May 19th: all is great, they are doing wonderful, very lovable all three of them.

May 16th: they are doing just so great, I can pick them all up, especially Tictac, she always after me. Spark is great!!!

May 14th: they are doing very well, Spark really adjusted to being here and just loves it, there is so much to see. He loves bugging Tictac and especially chatting with the cats in the other room. They have access to the hallway but I see that they prefer their room (except Spark, he is all over the place). Very adorable! I had to put the water bowls in a tray because there was water all over the floor and the food was scattered all over the room (this happened only during the night).

May 11th: they are doing great, Nugget and Tictac taking turns in the strawberry. Spark still hissing at me, he ate the wet food but threw it up right after. I just put half a can divided in 3 for now. Not sure if they ate but they used a lot the litter.

Tic Tac, Nugget and kitten Spark (Nov. 10th to 25th 2017)

24 Nov. 2 videos for you, one for Tictac and Nugget, they are upstairs in the VIP since yesterday and love it there. Spark still in his room, getting more chunky by the minute but doing great. See you tomorrow. If you read this before tomorrow, I am gone from 10h15am to about 11h30am Saturday morning, it would be great if you can come and pick them up at 11h30am so I can show you how to feed Spark or before 10h15am but we need at least 20 minutes so I can explain to you everything.

22-11: Spark is very healthy and doing great but he is still pooping and urinating all over the floor, screams for attention and needs 4-5 baths a day. He is making all the other cats nervous in the house and even Tictac and Nugget hiss at him. Tic tac and Nugget are doing fabulous !!!

20-11: everybody is doing great, Spark eats wet food and milk 4 times a day. As soon as he is finished eating, he needs a bath because he is full of food and poop/urine. He uses the potty pads and litter box but does his business in his bed or on the floor. He always has water and dry food, not sure if he even touches the dry food yet. He has this high pitch screaming voice, I am sure you will enjoy it during the night and especially when you just woke up in the morning :-) Tic tac usually runs to me when I enter the room, she wants some loving!!! Nugget is more independant.

17-11: I had to shrink the size of his room because he started to poop and urinated behind the door, now most of the time he does it on the potty pad, I had to throw your towel away, it was soaking wet of pi. He likes to poop in his sleep and then lies in it so it becomes a very smelly mess :-) He always has a bowl of water and dry special kitten food, I know he goes to the water not sure if he actually ate the hard food. He is very playful as you can see, he likes to climb, he loves the strawberry now. Tic tac and Nugget are doing great, they are in the big room, I can pick them up as much as I want.

Nov. 15th: HE FINALLY POOPED !!!!! Nice hard poop, no diarrhea!!! I had to cover the entire floor because now he poops and pis anywhere he wants. He is eating more and more canned food, I think by next week he will start eating some hard food. He is a real mess when he eats, it is unreal !! Nugget and Tic tac are doing great, the big room is finally available, they will be moved today. The kitten needs to stay in the hallway because the floor needs to be covered.

Nov. 13th: it is Monday morning, I will put a video later when Spark wakes up because he is sleeping now and I don't want to wake him up. I just called the vet, he needs to eat a little more wet food to help him poop. I need to give him a little vaseline (put some on his paw so he licks it) as long as he is energetic I don't need to go to the vet right away. Tic tac and Nugget are enjoying the shelves and hissing at my cats through the cage, Tic tac even gets all puffed up when she sees one of my cats.

Nov. 11th: he slept all night, he is doing great, he seems to be always hungry so I will be mixing milk and wet food, he doesn't always eat just the wet food, he prefers his milk. He bites when I put him wrapped up in a blanket around my neck. He bit my chin a few times so I know that he has teeth. He is a climber and fearless! I keep the nightlight on, he goes and sleep right under for the heat, he now hates to be wrapped up in a blanket. Tictac and Nugget are taking turns in the strawberry. Besides that they are still in the hissing phase but doing great.

Tic Tac and Nugget (April 6th to 8th 2017)

April 7th: they are doing very good, they just love the shelves as you can see!!

Tic Tac and Nugget (March 25th to April 3rd 2017)

April 1st: they are top shape !!!

March 30th: the plant spent the last few days alone in the hallway, so funny, they are always on their favorite shelf, they are doing very good.

March 28th: they don't seem to move a lot during the day, they love that shelf, they are very active during the night. Finally they are getting very friendly, Tictac comes to me and I can pet her.

March 26th: they are doing great, hissing and spitting, it will take them 1-2 day to get better.

Tic Tac and Nugget (November 2016)

Nov. 18th: I just love them !@!!

Nov 15th: they are still doing great, very calm kitties

Nov. 11th: they are doing wonderful, I sometimes call Tictac KitKat sorry about that, she does look like a KitKat. They were both sleeping.

Nov 8th: they are doing great, they really hate other cats, especially Nugget he starts to hiss and spit when he sees another cat.

Nov. 5th: they are very quiet, still hissing and spitting. They already ate and went to the litter.

Tic Tac and Nugget (Oct. 25th to November 10th 2015)

Next pictures: tuesday and friday
November 6th: they are top shape, they are so quiet!!!

November 3rd: so adorable both of them.

October 31st: they are doing great, often together on the blanket. They are really not interested in the cats in the other rooms, they don't even go near the door. They like their blanket and their window.

October 28th: They are coming around, less hissing but besides that, very lovable.

Nugget still hissing and spitting, Tic Tac was hiding behind the desk when I walked in the room but otherwise they are both very often in front of the window.

Tic Tac and Nugget (Oct. 26th to November 11th 2014)

New pictures every tuesdays and fridays
How cute !!!

Sometimes she likes to sleep beside the basket.

Sometimes she likes to sleep inside the basket.

They have been moved to a bigger room with window, Nugget is waiting for Tic Tac to move so he can look outside too. They are both doing great, they seemed to have stopped hissing.

They are doing great, they are still up there, they come down to eat and use the litter, at this point, they are still hissing and spitting but I think they just don't like their fan club outside the door.

They are always up on those shelves all the time. They are still hissing at me, more Tic Tac though. Tic Tac loves her basket and Nugget loves his pillow.

Tic Tac and Nugget (May 30 to june 9th 2014)

Their last day with us, we will miss them!

This is such the perfect room for them, Nugget loves spending his time in front of the window, lots of outside cats to look at. Tic Tac is just so lovable.

I had to transfer them to this room, Nugget was trying to pick a fight with all the other cats in all the other rooms, he was going from door to door, climbing their door, pawing thru the holes. They are very happy here, Nugget spends all day looking outside and TicTac flips and flops everytime I see her. NEXT PICTURES: FRIDAY

They are doing so much better, Nugget stopped hissing, he is always in front of the windows now.

Here he is flipping and flopping, he falls off the ramp sometimes, don't worry, he does not get hurt. It is a little funny actually.

Tic Tac eating, if I get too close too her, she hides.

His favorite place.

She is behind the couch, you can tell by her eyes that she is not that afraid anymore.

I did not take a picture of Tic Tac, she is under the couch and pictures don't come out good of cats under the couch. Nugget is a little agressive, he spits, hissses and growls at me, I keep a little my distance because you never know. He hisses at all the cats in the other rooms. They have not eaten and have not used the litter yet. I post pictures on monday, maybe they will be both running around by then.