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Alvin & Blinky

Alvin et Blinky (Heb. Sept. 17th to 26th 2021)

25-9: already the last video !!! time flies, all is great with them.

23-9: everything is perfect with them, so adorable.

21-9: They are doing great, they both eat plenty and constantly pretend that they are hungry LOL !!!! both very sweet cats.

19-9: Mr Alvin has been eating the food near the window that is why he wasn't too hungry to eat his wet food. Blinky eats plenty. They are both doing great.

18-9: they are doing great for cats that just arrived, they both ate and went to the litter, Alvin just a little nervous, Blinky is not, which should be the opposite. Blinky has a plate near the window, Alvin hasn't gone up there yet.

Alvin et Blinky (Heb. 16 dec au 25 dec 2019)

23-12: they are doing great, still in the VIP, they are so quiet, no one beep. Both very adorable.

21-12: I just moved them to the VIP upstairs, so far so good, I can separate them at feeding time which is great !!!

20-12: they are doing super, Blinky loves the hallway now, she is always on that top shelf, I am surprise to see that Alvin is often up there. I picked up one hairball vomit yesterday. Blinky seems to hate the hard food so I give her some of mine with her wet food, I give her the Beyond chicken cat food. She is very sweet now and I can pick her up.

18-12: they are doing great, both eating, they have access to the hall way 12 hours a day, I don't even think that they go because they love their room so much. I split the food for Alvin because he does not eat a whole half a can in a feeding, so to prevent it for getting rotten, I take out what is left and re-serve a few hours later, so they are getting 4 meals a day but same amount of food. Alvin is very fancy, he refuses to eat on the floor, I have to pick him up everytime and put him on the top shelf. Blinky eats in the carrier. Blinky still a little hissing at me but Alvin so adorable.

Blinky is curious!

17-12: they were both on the shelf when I walked in and then I went to get my camera and Blinky ran back in the carrier. They have been to the litter and walked all over the room so I am happy that they have been active during the night. The hard food was all eaten, I will give them the wet food this morning.

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