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Andy (Boarding May 13th to June 5th 2022)

next news: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
June 3rd: all is good, Sunday morning i will put the carrier instead of his pillow, hoping that he will go nap in the carrier and when it is time to go, just need to close the door and leave, that is my plan, hope it works.

June 1st: I put the carrier on top yesterday, he hasn't gone in it yet, I will add the 2nd one on Friday, hoping that he will like it and nap in it.

Monday, May 30th: still all good, getting ready for him to leave on Sunday, I have to start now because I cannot touch him, won't be able to pick him up and put him in the carrier. Wednesday, I will put a carrier instead of the house on the desk, Friday, I will put another carrier, hoping that he will go nap in the big carriers. To him it won't look like a carrier but a little safe house.

Friday, May 27th: still all good, no vomit, no diarrhea, he eats plenty, he has beautiful big brown eyes.

Wed May 25th: all is good, still eats a good plate, no vomit, no diarrhea, plays with the balls in the room, I still can't touch him.

May 23rd: all is great with him, he eats a full plate of purina one indoor with a couple of dental royal canin. No diarrhea, no vomit, he plays a lot and is always out but when I enter the room, he quickly hides. I cannot touch him yet but he is barely hissing at me. So far so good !

May 20th: still a loner but he plays a lot with the balls, even during the day. He eats, not a lot but he eats. I go into his room and chat with him, he is happy as long as I don't get too close to him.

May 18th: Quick update, he ate very well this past night, I am so happy, I put him a couple of balls, he seems to be playing with them.

May 17th: he ate less this night (see picture before and after) and he has been hissing at me since yesterday, so I need to keep my distance. He goes to the litter, he drinks very little.

May 16th: he is still very shy but at least he ate the whole plate of Purina one Indoor and a couple of the royal canin dental, he didn't eat the wellness wet food. Tonight I will bake a small piece of chicken breast and shred it, I am so happy, at least he eats and goes to the litter. So all is good !

May 15th: he is not eating his food at all, I tried many plates of food because he hasn't eaten since he got here and that will be a dangerous situation very soon. He ate during the night the royal canin kitten food. He is a very nervous cat with a weak digestive system that should not be in boarding. Today I will go get some wellness cans and see if he is interested. So far I gave him (and he has not eaten it): orijen, your chicken mixture, Almo chicken breast, purina one grain free chicken, purina one indoor cats. I have more food that I will try tonight. The importance now is that he eats. I can pet him when he is out of the little house but is very nervous. He goes plenty to the litter.

May 14th: I am happy that he is out of the carrier, he went to the litter but did not eat chicken nor hard food yet. He is hiding in the little pink house. I will put a small scoop every couple of hours of chicken just in case he decides to eat.

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