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Bambi et Yuki

Bambi et Yuki (Boarding Sept. 9th to Oct. 15th 2019)

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20-9: I am so happy that I was able to switch them of room, I need to put them in the carrier to get them into another room, not easy with Bambi, she knew I was up to something. All is great with them.

17-9: all is good, I started yesterday to try to put some medication in Yuki's eyes, as soon as I get close to Yuki, Bambi gets jealous and starts hissing then Yuki starts hissing, I will do today and tomorrow but that is it, it is too difficult to do. they are both doing great, they love the shelves. They stay far away from each other.

13-9: they are doing great, not friendly at all, they both hiss at me. Sometimes Yuki is nice but as soon as she hears Bambi hissing, she turns her too into attack mode. At least, they are eating and going to the litter and have no interest in leaving their room. They love the shelves and hidding places.

10-9: here they are, each at their own spot since they arrived, they got used to the room very fast. They went to the litter, I think only Bambi ate so far. It is great that Yuki is on the very top shelf, she has her own bowls there.

Bambi and Yuki (boarding Oct. 2nd to 24th 2018 2018)

22-10: what a beautiful picture of them, see you Wednesday.

20-10: they love it here! no diarrhea, no vomiting, all is super.

17-10: they are doing fabulous!!

14-10: they are very good, adorable and hissing at the same time, it is a little funny.

11-10: they are doing great, they have 2 rooms to themselves, all is very good.

8-10: they are doing great, Bambi hisses at me and as soon as I show her the brush, she turns all sweet, that is so funny. They love their favorite spots.

5-10: they are both coming around slowly, they each have their own favorite spot, they love the room and even when I open the door, they have no interest in leaving.

3-10: they are both in attack mode at this moment which is normal since they just got here, they went to the litter and ate a little bit, so far so good.

Bambi and Yuki (boarding May 23rd to June 22nd 2016)

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June 19th: what a beautiful picture of them together.

June 15th: first time I see them together, so cute !!!

June 12th: they are doing great.

June 8th: they are adorable. Here are some nice pictures of them.

June 5th: as you can see they are doing very good.

June 1st: they are doing wonderful!

29-05: they are doing so much better, I can finally pet them both.

25-05: they are doing great, still a little nervous, sometimes I can pet them then I go back into the room and they hiss, at this moment, they are in a hissing phase, they eat and go to the litter, that is what is important for now.

23-05: they are in their room, I find them already less nervous than last year, I think they will adjust very fast.

Bambi and Yuki (boarding May 25th to June 16th 2016)

June 14th: always adorable as always

June 10th: they are both so adorable, they are doing very well.

June 7th: they are both very sweet!!! I just love them.

June 3rd: Bambi is so sweet with me now, I can pick her up and pet her, she purrs and purrs. Yuki still very adorable.

May 31st: they are doing great, Bambi still the same.

May 28th: Yuki is so sweet, I can pick him up and flip him on his back. Bambi is a little mean, I cannot approach her, as you can see, she is hissing and spitting. She likes the carrier but is often in her basket.

May 26th: Yuki and Bambi are out of the carrier and found their spot, they are still hissing and spitting at me but this is normal because they just got here.

May 25th: this is their room, they are still in the carrier at this moment but will soon run out as soon as I leave the room.