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Eiko & Vivi

Eiko & Vivi (Boarding Sept. 23rs to Oct. 1st 2021)

30-9: they are doing wonderful, adorable both of them. video #2:

30-9: video #1, just had to take a video of them from outside, so cute !!

28-9: doing great, Vivi is lovable but when Eiko gets to close to her then she starts hissing so it is not me that she doesn't like but Eiko. The big room should be available later today so they will change rooms.

26-09: all is great with them, Vivi flips and flops when I am there but hisses if I get close, Eiko sweetest thing, when I pick her up, she starts sucking on her stomach, I guess she was separated from her mom too young.

24-9: they are doing just great, they love their room, not interested in trying to get out, Vivi still a little hissing. Eiko full of energy.

23-9: Eiko is very comfy in her room, Vivi slowly coming around, still hisses and growls, they both ate and went to the litter.

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