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20 reasons to board your cat with us

  • We have no cages, only large rooms. One client per room, if you have many cats, they will be together in the same room.
  • 24/24 supervision, we are never closed, even on weekends and Holidays
  • We can pick up your cat and bring your cat back
  • Your cat will have a web page so you can see how he is doing. Videos, pictures and comments will give you a real insight on what is going on. Cats don't lie on camera.
  • There are no dogs, no loud noises and no children around to stress your cat. Smoke-free and perfect room temperature at all times.
  • We go into the rooms many times a day, on average every 2 hours to clean the room and litter and take care of your cat, we do this 7 days a week, weekends and Holidays to.
  • If your cat is nervous or scared, there are many hiding places available.
  • If your cat wants to climb and jump, lots of shelves and condos available.
  • We offer short and long-term boarding.
  • Vaccination is not mandatory
  • The litter box and litter is included. We clean it many times in a day and wash it completely after 7-10 days.
  • If there is an emergency, we have a regular vet close by and a 24 hour vet is just 20 minutes away.
  • Your cat may change rooms during the boarding period or can stay in the same room, we let the cat decide
  • Treats are included.
  • Between each boarding, everything is washed and sanitized in the room.
  • A contract is emailed before the boarding explaining clearly the price and special clauses so there are no surprises or misunderstanding.
  • We accept: cash, checks, bank e-transfer and credit cards
  • We do this full-time so it not a side job for us.
  • We are a registered company
  • ...but most importantly, we love what we do and love cats

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