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Ernesto (Boarding August 10th to 16th 2020)

15-8: all is great with him, he is such a quiet cat.

13-8: he is top shape, very lovable, doing just great !

11-8: he is doing great, he does remember where he is, he already ate last night, went to the litter and I was able to pet him. No meowing at all. He ate all the wet food I gave him this morning, it was my can.

Ernesto (Heb. 5 octobre au 19 octobre 2019)

17-10: sorry for the delay in posting this video, I had no internet, we are having bad raining and winding weather. Erny is doing absolutely wonderful, all is great with him.

15-10: he switched rooms, he loves it there too, surrounded by other cats, he is an absolute wonderful cat.

12-10: he is doing great, still loves it here, all is wonderful with him.

9-10: he is doing fabulous, he loves it here, he loves his food and the wet pate I give him, he is a very adorable kitty.

7-10: he is doing wonderful, loves his room, no longer is trying to get out, I go sit with him very often in a day, he enjoys having me just sitting there and he chats and chats. He doesn't eat his hard food so I mixed some of mine and he loves it (Purina Beyond Simply chicken). He eats wet food pate two times a day of Friskies chicken or his favorite Fancy Feast pate chicken and liver, he licks the plate clean. Not interested in the tuna nor tuna juice. He is no longer vocal.

6-10 (3 hours after I took the below video), he is a lot more calm and doesn't try to run out of the door to get out.

6-10: I am happy that he ate and went to the litter already. I am having a hard time getting in the room and out because he is trying to get out. I really don't think he will be able to stay in that room, at this moment I cannot change him of rooms but will have to, he is very vocal but I think he meows only when he sees me because when I am upstairs, he does not meow.

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