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Luna and Flora

Flora and Luna (Boarding August 16th to Sept. 2nd 2019)

30-8: all great with these 2 love birds.

27-8: they are wonderful, they won't have enough dry food until Monday so I am mixing in some Petcurean carnivore Wild Boar, they really love it !!! They are still eating 2 patties a day.

They love looking at my cats in the living room.

24-8: all is great with them, they are eating a lot, very friendly and adorable. Here are some nice pictures of them.

21-8: they are doing great, eating a lot. They each seem to have their own room now !!!

19-8: they are doing great now, they each found their spot, they actually eat almost all of the raw food, they get 1/2 each morning and night. Two hours before the raw food, I take out the dry food to make sure that they don't eat it.

17-8: they are both hissing at me but not in an attack way. You can see that they both found their spot. They both went to the litter. They ate a lot of hard food during the night but did not touch the raw food so I had to throw it away. This morning I only gave them a quarter each, I see that they both ate some.

Flora and Luna (Boarding Dec. 15th to Jan. 22nd 2019)

17-01: all is great, I will miss these two little bundle of joy!!!

14-01: they are both very active, especially Luna, running around. I had to stop giving them the dried sardines, Luna is just to wild with it, she throws it all over the place and it actually ended up in the heater, nothing happened, what a coincidence, I was right there. Sometimes I would find a sardine far away in another room.

10-01: they are doing great, they love these rooms better because of the interaction that they can have with all the other cats in the other rooms.

7-1: still doing great, they just changed rooms, they have 2 rooms and loving it, both are very often in the cage to check out what is going on in the living room.

3-1: all is great with them, so adorable, I think Flora put on a couple of ounces.

31-12: they are doing super, playing with the cat next door, they are eating more and more raw and less hard food, that is great. They really love running after those sardines, especially Luna, she runs and runs after it. So funny!!

28-12: they are doing great, almost all eating the raw so I cut down on the dry food. I no longer give them my food. Flora is so adorable, she loves to be picked up and held. Luna not so much but I can pet her. They love the cats next door (Lucky and Silver)

24-12: they are finally eating the raw meat since Saturday night so I am cutting down my hard food, I am so happy. All is great with them.

22-12: they are doing great, still eating my food, they eat a little bit of the canned food but not much. Flora wants a lot of attention, Luna depends on how she feels.

18.12: they haven't touched the canned food at all, it went completely to waste, I gave them some of mine and they are not interested. They are not eating their hard food either. So I am giving them 2 different kinds of hard food and they are eating it. Flora needs to be hand fed, I put the food in small quantities where she is and she will eat it. I will stop the canned food for 2 days and try again later. Yes very weird how they don't like their food here.

16.12: only a little of the hard food was eaten this morning, they haven't touched the soft food so I will put only a little at a time until I see that they eat it. They are both hissing at me but already better than the last time they were here. They are very often in the window.

Flora and Luna (3 day trial) (Boarding Oct. 19th to 21st 2018)

21-10: they are much better today as you can see, they have not touched their raw food, they ate their dry food and the Purina one that I gave them, I tried many wet food yesterday with no success, I still have 1 or 2 more I would like to try.

20-10: there was one poop and one pipi in the litter. They did not eat the food last night, I just put them a fresh batch with some tuna and tuna juice. I will put them a little 100% grain free canned food. They are so scared, they hiss at me.

19-10: Flora found her spot. At least Luna finally came out, you can see that she is still afraid.