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Pema, Neko and Jerry

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding Dec. 21st 2019 to Feb. 21st 2020)

new videos: every Tuesdays and Fridays
21-12: last video already, all went very well these past 2 months, see you this weekend.

18-12: they are doing well, first time i see Jerry with Neko, usually the girls are together and he is alone somewhere else. All are doing great, adorable and quiet cats.

11-2: doing great, for some reason Jerry is a little bit in attack mode with my cats in the living room, I think he is jealous that I love them !!!! he only goes in the living room when I am there. The girls are doing great.

7-2: they are doing great, it is now snowing 30cm !!! nice and cozy inside.

4-2: all are doing very well !!!

31-1: here are the adorable girls, Neko loves to be on my lap but her claws !!! ouch !

Here is Jerry and his best friends.

28-1: they are doing great, here is a beautiful picture of Jerry eating with my 3 cats.

24-1: all is great with them, Jerry loves the living room area. All is wonderful with the trio.

21-1: they changed rooms, they love it there too, where ever I will put them, they will be happy and Jerry gets to go in the living room. At night he naps on my husband's lap while we watch TV, so cute.

17-1: good morning, everything is going very smoothly with the trio, all is super !!

14-1: they are doing great, all 3 are adorable.

10-01: they are top shape, very quiet and lovable cats !!! no vomit, no diarrhea.

7-1: all is great with them, Pema guarding Neko's eating station. Jerry playing with his machine LOL. So far, no vomit (unless Pema ate it) and no diarrhea. Makia is in the other room, he is Pema's boyfriend.

3-1: I just changed them of room because I needed both of their rooms, I know they will be happy here as well. No more living room for Jerry, he was urinating in weird places, I caught him in the act.

31-12: Happy New Year to all, your cats are doing great. Jerry is often in the living room now, he is getting along with my cats. He especially loves the evenings so he can go lie down on my husband while we watch TV.

27-12: the trio is doing fabulous.

24-12: all is great with them, they love these two rooms as you can see. Getting comfy....

22-12: much better this morning, Neko has been on that top shelf since last night, Jerry and Pema are together in the other room. They all ate and went to the litter.

21-12: Here they are, 2 rooms for them, they will move next week, for now, this is wonderful, I can separate Neko and Pema during feedings. Each room has a litter box and a water bowl. Pema was so vicious, Neko nervous and Jerry is back in Jerry's world.

Pema, Jerry & Neko (Boarding Jan. 6th to March 7th 2019)

March 5th: the trio is doing fabulous, their vacation is coming to an end.

1 march: their vacation will soon end, they are doing great.

26-2: they are stalking the new cats that arrived yesterday.

All is great:

22-2: I think Pema dragged Jerry's machine across the room but wasn't able to get into it. She would have had a big snack !!

19-2: the gang is doing great !!!

15-2: all is great, Neko really is very active before food time but Pema is relaxed (a weird switch happened !).

12-2: Queen Pema and friends, all are doing great

8 feb: Pema is so sweet when Jerry is not around !!! Jerry is so funny when he is in the carrier.

5 feb: all is great with them, so far Pema has not gotten into Jerry's food but I think she tried. They are really 3 happy cats.

1 feb: they are doing great, each have their own spot.

29-01: they are doing fabulous, Pema loves that shelf.

25-01: they got an extra room for now, always someone on that top shelf, they love it there.

22-01: the gang is doing great. So far, no diarrhea and no vomiting.

18-01: doing super !!! they have not gotten into any major fights yet. They are very quiet.

15-01: after the morning feeding, they are nice and quiet. Pema has not got into Jerry's food at all.

12-1: they are doing just great !!!!

9-1: everything is back to normal, they are wonderful, Pema does have her moments where I think she is in attack mode so I stay away but then give her some loving when she comes and sees me. Neko very sweet when she is out of that condo. Jerry still very happy in his world.

7-1: Pema is less hissing than yesterday. Neko does not want to eat in her machine, I can't really touch her to put her in front because she is in the hissing phase so I will keep trying, I just gave her the food in the plate and put that plate in the machine when she walks away from her food. While the girls are eating, I give a little treat to Jerry and keep him in the carrier, he finds it very amusing.

6-01: here is a video I just took at them this afternoon, they are much calmer than this morning, Neko found her spot !!!

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