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Tictac, Nugget and Spark

Tictac & Nugget (Boarding August 14th to 23rd 2020)

22-8: all is good with them, you can see that they are on vacation. Tictac is going good, I clean her butt once a day and she let's me.

19-8: they are on a real vacation here, doing great !

17-8: all is great with them. They are very quiet, just 5 minutes Nugget meows in the evening. No vomit, no diarrhea.

They are doing great, very quiet, each in their own spot, no vomit, no diarrhea and they are eating.

Tictac, Nugget and Spark (Boarding Oct. 18th to Nov. 5th 2019) AND HOME VISITS OF THE FERRAL CATS OUTSIDE

next videos: Monday for the boarding
4-11: last day here !!! bringing them back tomorrow, one of the cats urinated all over in the corner, don't know which one or why, maybe one of them got scared with the bad winds recently.

3-11: all is great with the cats outside (and cats inside)

1-11: FERAL CATS: there still was some food left in the container in the back, the weather was and still is very bad, they are frighten, i had to approach the wet food closer to them because they are all hiding in the shelter. Blacky was outside, the neighbour arrived as I was leaving.

1-11: they are doing great all three, going to see the feral soon, hoping that I can easily get there, there seems to be some flooding and no electricity in some areas of Montreal.

30-10: feral cats outside, all is good, there are so many and of all ages too. I like the little black one.

30-10: the trio is doing very good, all very adorable, Nugget is so vocal, at all hours of the night. Going to see the outside cats soon.

28-10: all is good outside, they were all waiting for the food. Saw Blacky in front.

26-10: feral cat home visit: I went today instead of tomorow because it will rain a lot tomorrow. They are doing great, nervous around me. Blacky always has hard and soft food, I wash the bowls and change the water, did not see him today. I will go back on Monday.

25-10: feral cats are doing great, they all look like they live indoors, all nice and clean.

Blackie was there in front, not as nervous as the cats behind.

24-10: they are doing wonderful, all relaxed as you can see.

23-10: FERRAL CATS OUTSIDE: they seem to be less scared of me, I saw about 7 of them.

Finally saw Blacky today but he is afraid of me.

23-10: this is a video just so you can hear Nugget.

21-10: FERRAL CATS OUTSIDE, did not see Blacky today. I brought a big plate from home and I put some Friskies, they were very happy with the Friskies.

21-10: they are doing great as you can see, they just chat too much during the night. The big room will open up tomorrow so I will bring them there within the next day or so. I won't hear them if they chat all night.
Here is a nice picture of them

19-10: all is great with them, Nugget is very chatting, chatted all day and all night. Now they are all nice and quiet. They are still all in the hissing phase.

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