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Psipsina - (Aug. 13th to Sept. 1st 2020)

31-8: already last video, time flies !!! still doing great, she is so funny, she just ate her wet food, I guess she needed my company to continue eating. See you tomorrow.

29-8: all is very good with her.

26-8: she is top shape, all is great with her, no vomiting, no diarrhea.

24-8: all is great with her, she is the cutest thing... a new cat came in yesterday and she is very interested in knowing who did this dude is.

22-8: all is good with her, no diarrhea, no vomiting, eating her whiskas (I will only give her the salmon flavor, I will not risk it with the beef or chicken) and her dry food Noob. She will have the hallway as well, the cat there is leaving this morning.

19-8: she is doing great, eating more, she hates her food, I give her a little bit at a time of royal canin gastro dry food. I stopped giving it to her for 12 hours and she still did not eat her own food, as long as she is doing great.

18-8: well after vomiting that huge furball, she is doing great, things are back to normal, so far no vomiting and no diarrhea but she hasn't pooped yet. She is all nice and clean back there, I chopped off some dirty fur.

A furball this size can cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever in a cat.

17-8: better this morning, she had soft stools at 5am, from 1pm yesterday to this morning 5am, no stools so that is good. She ate some Gastro royal canin soft and hard food. Keeping a very close eye on her.

15-8: Video 1: here she is downstairs, she loves to be brushed, all is great with her.

15-8: video 2: I just moved her upstairs and within 5 minutes she was already looking out the window.

14-8: she is absolutely wonderful, after you left, she found her spot on the desk. She is no longer interested in leaving the room like yesterday.

Psipsina - (Aug. 13th to Sept. 12th 2019)

9-9: last video, a month went by so fast, all is great, she is so adorable and so quiet.

5-9: all is great, the most quiet cat I ever had !! she vomited a beautiful furball.

2 sept. all is great, she is the sweetest thing !!!

29-8: Madame is doing fabulous !!!! all is great.

26-8: all is great with her, she is enjoying her stay here.

22-8: she is top shape, all is great with her. She makes absolutely no noise !!!

19-8: she is still doing wonderful, loves the room, loves to look outside, not interested in my cats, my cats don't even go see her. She eats wet food two times a day, she eats any kind I give her.

16-08: she is doing great, I just moved her upstairs, it took her 5 minutes to remember this room, madame loves it here.

14-08: she is doing very well, always going around to see and check stuff. She ate her wet food, her dry food and went to the litter, she is not stressed at all.

Psipsina - (25-08 to 29-09 2018)

26-09: her vacation is coming to an end already, lovely and wonderful as usual.

22-09: still doing great, this is her last week with us.

19-09: a few times a day, I put her on me, she lies on her back and does not move, what an adorable moment.

15-09: she is doing great upstairs, very quiet, just loves it.

12-9: I just moved her upstairs in the VIP, she screamed and tried to open the door for about 1 hour, that is a normal reaction, now she seems quiet. She will stay upstair if during the night she is quiet, so far so good !!!

8-9: doing wonderful, all is great, no diarrhea, no vomiting and loves to get brushed.

5-9: still doing so great, so lovable, enjoys being here with us.

2-9: wake up Psipsina, time for a video! She loves it here.

30-08: she is doing wonderful !!! all is great with her, so lovely.

28-08: she stopped hissing at the cats in the living room, I think she likes Wilson (that handsome tall orange cat). She is doing very well, very lovable.

26-08: I am so impressed with her, we became best friends last night, she runs to me, she ate, went to the litter drank water, ate wet food this morning, she was actually meowing when I was preparing the plates for everybody. She needs to be in constant view of other cats, even if she hisses at them (it is a fake hiss not an aggressive one), she really enjoys looking at them.

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