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Savasana (March 1th to 20th 2020)

March 17th: she is top shape, so lovable.

March 15th: she is doing great, very cuddly and adorable. All is very wonderful with her.

March 13th: she is doing great, she went to the litter, ate plenty and now is relaxing on the top shelf. She is very sweet with me and hisses at the same time, so funny !!!

March 12th: she finally just came out of her carrier, she has been hissing since you left, she ate a couple of Temptations. I gave her wet food last night, she did not eat it, she did not go to the litter yet. I sprinkled some catnip, that is why she is flipping and flopping. The not eating and not going to the litter, so far, it is all a normal reaction.

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