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Shaka (Boarding July 6th to July 23rd 2019)

July 21st: all is great with him, I will be able to bring him back to you on Tuesday.

July 18th: he is just so funny!!! all is great.

July 15th: all is good with Shaka, he is eating a lot of his dry food and 1 can of wet food a day. Still very vocal by moments but when he screams he is looking outside.

July 12th: all is great with Shaka, he started to eat the wet food and his own dry food. He is sometimes very vocal. He is the sweetest thing.

July 10th: I think he is himself again, very sweet, loves to look outside, loves to get into my closet. He doesn't eat the soft food nor his own hard food, he eats only my Purina one hard food. As long as he eats.

July 8th: he is doing so much better, he finally went to the litter during the night, he is very quiet, he starting eating to, not a lot but a little at a time.

July 7th: here is a picture of him at 4am this morning, he is looking out the window and I am outside (I go outside at that time to feed my outside cats). Now he is hiding between the wall and the desk, he has not eaten yet, he has not gone to the litter box. I put just a little bit of wet food because if he doesn't eat, I will need to throw it away in 3 hours. I will keep on giving him some just a little at a time until he starts eating.