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Simba (Boarding Nov. 14th to 21st 2021)

19-11: Simba has 2 rooms, he is a little sad because he wants to go in the living room, I won't let him because he chased one of my cats, they are old and declawed, I will bring him back home tomorrow, let's home he doesn't poop all over the carrier LOL.

17-11: he is doing good, he went in the living room and started to chase one of my cats, I didn't like the situation so I put him back in his room, today he will moved to a bigger room.

15-11: he is doing great, I think he will be in the living room very soon!

14-11: poor little guy, he pooped and vomited all over the carrier, it took him 1 minute to figure out where he was, he has been on the top shelves since he got here.

Simba (Boarding July 26th to August 1st 2020)

31-7: he is doing great, he loves to go eat in the living room, sometimes he plays a little rough with my elderly cat. He chases or just jumps on them so I just put him back in his room.

29-7: he is doing great, he finally decided this morning that he wanted to go in the living room, he walked out, went straight for the food bowl, ate and then went to lie down in the nice fluffy pillow.

27-7: he is doing great, he was up on the shelf within minutes that he got here. 5 minutes before we arrived, he did it again, first he vomited and then he pooped all over the carrier, poor little guy (okay it is a bit funny!!!)

Simba (Boarding March 1st to 8th 2020)

March 6th: he is doing great, he now goes in the living room, he fell in love with the food there LOL !!!! such a sweet cat.

4 March: he is doing great, didn't get out of the room yet, always pretending that he is hungry. No much diarrhea going on.

2 March: all is great with him, he seems already settled in, I think he just might scream to go in the living room today. Yeah he barfed and had diarrhea 5 minutes before we got here yesterday.

Simba (Boarding Oct. 27th to Nov. 2nd 2019)

31-10: he is doing great, he gets to go in the living room when I am there. Since he arrived his stools are soft, i thought the first 1 or so was stress but it still persists, you will have to check that on your end when he gets home. He eats his food and some wet food morning and night, mostly Friskies and/or Fancy Feast, he likes any kind.

28-10: he is still in the same spot, so funny !!! at this moment, he is not interested in leaving the room. He loves to chat with the cats in the hall way, they hiss at each other.

27-10: is doing great, like he has been here for a very long time, he does remember where he is. He has been napping in the little house. No vomiting, no pooping in the car !!!

Simba (Boarding Sept. 23rd to 30th 2018)

Sept. 27th: he is starting to cry to go in the living room, he can go in the living room only after a cat that is in the living room now leaves tomorrow. He eats the wet food but it takes him hours and hours but eventually he finishes it.

Sept. 25th: he is doing great, he is really not interested in going into the living room, he just loves his shelf.

Sept. 23rd: doing great, just got here and within 10 minutes, he went up on the shelf. I am very surprised that on the road no vomiting, no diarrhea and no urinating.

Simba (Boarding July 15th to 19th 2018)

17 July: still doing great, he wasn't been eating too much his hard food so I gave him my royal canin and just loves it. As well, he eats a half a can of wet food a day. He hasn't started screaming to get out of the room yet.

16 July: he is doing great, very quiet, not interested in leaving the room yet. A few minutes before we arrived, he pooped and vomited at the same thing, a little bit funny !!!

Simba (Boarding March 10th 18th 2018)

March 15th: doing great, he is taking a break now from running in the living room. I have to keep an eye on him, he plays a little rough with my cats.

March 13th: he is mostly in the living room since yesterday, he was trying to break down the door ha-ha!! he is going great, he needs to stay away from catnip, that is what makes him a little crazy.

March 11th: he is doing great, very quiet so far but ate so much since he is here. So adorable.

Simba (Boarding Jan. 21 to 29th 2017)

27-01: he is doing great, he goes absolutely crazy when I take out the wet food Friskies.

24-01: he is in the living room now, when I leave or during the night, I put him back in his room. He is very happy in the living room, he seems to not be aware of the existence of the other cats

22-01: he already ate all his food and went to the litter. Very curious at what is going on in the living room.

Simba (Boarding July 16th to 23rd 2016)

July 21st: he is doing so great, he plays a lot with Tilou, they are having so much fun together, I put them together a few hours a day. The door that connects their room together is open and when he gets tired, he goes back in his room.

July 19th: he is so lovable, he is in the living room a couple of hours a day, he does not want to stay in his room. He loves all the cats in the living room, especially Patou the fat orange one.

July 17th: He is doing very good, ate, went to the litter. He will change room in the next 24 hours, he might come upstairs with me for a few hours a day because he needs a lot of affection.

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