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Zhara (boarding 5 sept to 14th sept. 2019)

11-9: she has diarrhea off and on, very energetic, plays and climbs all over, very adorable. She likes to curl up in a ball on my lap. Check your emails for the return of Zhara on Saturday.

9-9: After this video, she had one diarrhea. She is doing wonderful, loves being here.

7-9: she is doing wonderful. She had diarrhea only one time on Thursday night but that is all. She loves shelves, she is always on top of that shelf. Very playful, curious and so adorable. She is very intelligent, she knows that this is her room.

5-9: she is doing great !!! she ate, went to the litter, she pooped a very nice shaped poop, no diarrhea, she is very curious with my cats.