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How to reserve with us
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Cats we do not accept
Form to fill out for evaluation if we accept your cat
Food, wet food, dry food, cooked or raw food
Visiting your cat during the boarding
Daily routine
Litter box
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Steps to follow
The first 24-36 hours that your cat will be here
My cat is not declawed
My cat is not operated (spayed or neutured)
Boarding for 1 to 3 days
Home visits instead of boarding

No cages, no stress, no dogs, no loud noises, smoke-free environment and no young children.

Cat boarding:

Leaving town or on a business trip ?

Moving, painting your home, had a fire or water damage ?

Some private insurances will cover the cat boarding fees, in that case, we can communicate with your insurance and deal with them directly for the payment and it won't cost you a penny. If in doubt, call your insurance to know if your cat is covered.

Let us take care of your cat during your busy moments...

Leave your cat with us during your short or long vacation. You can call anytime for an update on your cat and we can send pictures of your cat as well. We usually send one email a day/every 2 days or you can have your own private web page where we post pictures of your cat so you can see how your cat is doing.

Recent cat boardings
iconSpark, Tictac and Nugget

Our rooms:
cat boardingWe have big rooms available. We only accept one cat family per room, so your cat will never come in contact with other unknown cats.

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  Price per night
(4 days and more)
Special rates ** Special rates **
26-31 days
1 cat: $ 20.00 $ 400.00
20 to 25 nights
$ 450.00
2 cats: $ 25.00 $ 475.00
20 to 25 nights
$ 525.00
3 cats: $ 30.00 $ 525.00
18 to 25 nights
$ 575.00
** The special rates are not eligible during high peak seasons/months.
Boarding 3 nights or weekends for 1 or 2 cats: $ 75.00 flat rate, you will need to bring your cat(s) and pick them back up. You can reserve for a 3 night stay or weekend boarding only 7 days before the desired date.
It is possible that we pick up your cat(s) and bring them back depending on where you live, fees may apply.
Cats we do not accept
We don't accept cats that:
1) are vocal, will meow or scream very loudly or constantly
2) that urinate outside the litter box, you will responsible for any monetary damage
3) that take medication (some we do accept, please discuss this matter with us first)

How to reserve with us
The first step is to have the exact dates of boarding. If your flight leaves early in the morning or you arrive late at night, you may need one or two extra nights of boarding.

If we have place for those dates, you will need to fill out a questionnaire that we send you by email upon your request.

A copy of the contract will be emailed to you and in some cases, a down payment will be required.

Questionnaire to fill out
Before we can accept your cat, you need to fill out our questionnaire and return it to us by email, see example below:


Since cats are very sensitive to food, you must provide the cat food for all the boarding period or we can provide the food at $ 10.00 a week per cat.
Do not change your cat's food at the last minute, sometimes they are a little stressed during the boarding and with the change of food, they can get sick.

We accept cats that eat dry food, canned food, raw food, cooked food, food that needs to be frozen, thawed and prepared or cooked.

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Our daily routine:

Cat litter and litter box:
We supply the litter and the litter box. You can also bring your own litter and/or box if your cat has special litter needs. For 2 cats and more, an extra litter box will be added.
We offer many types of litter boxes

Visit us:
You can visit us upon appointment only after giving us the boarding dates and answering the questionnaire.

Visiting your cat during the boarding
It is not possible to visit your cat during the boarding, you can follow his progress on his webpage or via emails with send you.

The vaccines are not mandatory but recommended especially in the flu season months of December and January. If you get your cat vaccinated, it needs to be at least one month prior to the boarding to be active and to deal with any side effects. Do not get your cat vaccinated right before the boarding, vaccination and stress don't go good together.

Cat boarding procedure - steps to follow:
We may request to visit your cat before we accept him for the boarding. We don't accept cats that are very vocal, fleas, high medical needs, aggressive behavior or hyperactive..

When it is time to bring your cat on the first day, we ask:

For more information, please contact us anytime: (514) 819-3126 or
by email: info@cat-a-tout.com

Cat boarding for 1-3 days

There is a flat the fee of $ 75.00 for 1 to 3 nights for the boarding for 1 or 2 cats if you bring your cat(s) here and pick them back up.

My cat is not declawed:

We accept if your cat is not declawed, we have plenty of horizontal and vertical scratchers made from sisal rope and carpet.

My cat is not operated (neutered or spayed):

We accept cats that are not operated but under certain conditions: we don't accept if a cat will spray all over the place or display signs of aggression. We can supply potty pads for small accidents.

The first 24-36 hours of boarding:

The first 24-36 hours, your cat will probably hide, not eat and not use the litter. When your cat feels safe, he will come out of his hiding place. Some cats come out only at night and hide all day.

For more information, please contact us anytime: (514) 819-3126 or
by email: info@cat-a-tout.com


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Recent cat boardings
iconSpark, Tictac and Nugget


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