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Deciding between boarding and home visits can be a difficult one but even more difficult, is to let someone you don't know in your home for home visits. We understand all that. To ease your mind, we can give you a link to the online enterprise register public information to validate our name, company name and address. When you will meet us for the first time, we can show you our driver's license to validate our identity. Please take note that it is illegal for you to take a picture of our driver's license.

If you are still unsure or undecided, call us so we can answer all of your questions and evaluate with you your cat's needs. We can then offer advice and suggestions if boarding or home visits would be better.

Choose home visits if your cat::
  • is very nervous or doesn't like change
  • gets very sick in the car
  • hates other cats, is territorial
  • is 12 years and older
  • is very vocal, meows loud or constantly
  • is not neutered/spawed
  • has a medical condition
  • had a disease that was contagious
  • or simply, you have a lot of cats
The main goals of our visits are:
  • to take care of your pet, make sure your pet is safe and is not lonely or depressed
  • to try to keep burglars away (you never know who is watching) but picking up your mail, switching lights on/off, opening and closing different drapes etc.
  • to send you an email or text after every visit with pictures or videos so you can have peace of mind that someone passed and that all is great
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Home visit options

  • one visit a day
  • two visits a day
  • one visit every two days (most popular)
  • one visit every three days
  • two visits in a row, one day off
  • visits: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
  • if you have a friend or a family member doing the visits, we can take over the visits that they are unable to do

What will you need really for a visit every 2-3 days?
  • we suggest, 2 litter boxes if you have one cat, 3 litters boxes if you have 2 cats
  • at least 2 bowls of water, ceramic if possible, it keeps the water fresher
  • at least 2 bowls of food

The home visits

  • It is always the same person doing the visit
  • The visit last between 10-30 minutes
  • We spend quality time with your cat
  • Wash water and food bowls, water fountain
  • Feed outside cats if you have
  • Clean any vomit, urine or poop on the floor
  • Clean litter
  • Open/close different lights or blinds
  • Bring in your mail or newspaper
  • Water inside/outside plants or garden
  • Take out the trash
  • Feed the fish
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Laval, Rosemere, Blainville, Oka, Sainte-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac, St-Joseph-Du-Lac, Pointe-Calumet, Bois-des-Filions, Lorraine, Boisbriand, Sainte-Therese, Saint-Augustin, Saint-Eustache, Terrebone, Mascouche, Piedmont, Prevost, Saint-Jerome, Val-Morin, Sainte-Adele, Saint-Sauveur

The visits start at $ 25 each (meaning $ 25 and more) **

** The price depends on where you live. Initial fees may apply to come over and sign contract. No fees to return the keys.

Holidays and weekends

We do visits all year round. If there is a snow or ice storm on the way, we will get up early and do the visit.

How to reserve

Call us, email us or fill out the form below. To get an exact price, we need the dates and your postal code.


Home visits form

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Section #2 - Services required and dates

Frequency of visits
Date of the first visit
Date of the last visit

Section #3 - Cat(s) information

Section #4 - Prove that you are human and not a software

Section #5 - Message

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